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THE State doesnt think WE have enough drunks. So for the convenience of more & more dopes & drunks they want to sell more & more dope, booze & gambling for the LAZY messes everywhere.

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IFFY The 1st Fishy S.A.D.D. & M.A.D.D. Old Lady is elected What is the 1st Fishy S.A.D.D & M.A.D.D. Old Iffy didnt inhale Man supposed to be or not to be?

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Even if you are a doctor, nurse, judge, lawyer, policeman, newspaper reporter, athlete, movie star or other professional!

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AS Dinky & Stinky As Movies, TV, Rock & Roll, Athletes, & other Artists, Stars & Professional people make young people and teenagers think Dope or Booze adds to their creativeness they will be Dinky & Stinky everywhere forever.

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AS Dinky & Stinky AS Dopes & Drunks are people will not cure Dopiness & Drunkiness as long as you make young people & teenagers think getting Drunk or High is funny & something to be proud of!

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