Drink makes drunks

As I see it, the people who are complaining about not being allowed to get drunk at the concerts on the streets of Butler are the drunks and business owners who create drunks: bars, clubs, liquor stores, beer distributors and booze restaurants.

Danny W. Shultz
East Brady

AS I See It! It is the drunks & the businesses that create drunks **bars, clubs, liquor stores, beer distributors & booze restaurants** that are complaining about not allowing wet & gooie doper & drunks at concerts on the streets of Butler.

Danny W. Shultz Boo***ing Wet & Gooie concert * tears everywhere.

FOR all the bad things alcohol causes to happen a sane person would think it would outweigh the make believe Booze Health Benefits, Booze News & Booze doctors would like us to believe. Not for all of you Alcohol Challenged Binge SICK*O*s though.

Danny W. Shultz Booing Wet & Gooie Alcohol SICK*O*S everywhere.

ONCE upon*a*time there lived recreational dopes & binge drunks who lived the same rotting days over & over & over & over for*o*ver PEEE you*dddd Groundhog Days again & again & again.

Danny W. Shultz Booing Wet & Gooie Peeee you*dddd Dopes & Drunks For*o*ver after everywhere

BOOZE news reporting on Old Gassers! Any wanna be 90 or older Gas Bag should drink one or more alcohol drinks a day.
l We know most of you are on your way to a Gassssy Future. So enjoy your S*mellow*ed lives.

Danny W. Shultz Booing old alcohol S*mellow*ed wet & gooie S*new*S Booze Gassers everywhere.

ALL of Those naturally occurring SNOW TOILET paper rolls are what the CUPID Valentine Fairy left for all of you CRAPPY dopes & drunks STINKING UP IT’S fields & woods. Some of you must be real crappy by the size of some of those snow toilet paper rolls.

Danny W. Shultz, Booing ALL STUNK***UP CRAPPY Dopes & Drunks everywhere.

In the nights of Crummy Dummy Drunkies Consumption of Alcohol may create the Ill*usion that you are tougher, handsomer & smarter than some really BIG guy named BUBBA!

Danny W. Shultz, Booing Wet & Gooie Dumb Crumb Drunks everywhere.

GAS PLANET warning!!
YOUR stinky dirty old drunken comet snow butt I SOS is approaching & will **EXplode** Polut*o*ing Thanksgiving Christmas & YOUR stinky dirty old drunken wet & gooie diapered Rear*End.

Danny W. Shultz Booing poluted stinky dirty old drunken wet & gooie Rear * Ends every * year.

ONCE Upon*A*Time There was a Urin*ooze*shun from The Planet Uranus who like drunks had a big old rotted ferminated GAS STINKER for a brain just waiting to explode!

Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing Wet & Gooie Rotted & ferminated Gas Stinkers for Brains everywhere.

The horseless drunken donk*eees, who ride through the night with their Butts in a basket. They kick their Butts that float into the air like the Great Pumpkin that delivers candy & presents to kiddies everywhere.
But the drunken butts explode into the stinky*est GAS FARTS ever that cause leaves to fall from the trees, grass to turn brown & little trick or treaters to pinch their noses shut. P*U*U*U*!

Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing Wet & Gooie exploding drunken Pumpkin Butts everywhere.