pe treatment medicine

FOR THE LOVE of !!!THEIR!!! Dopes & Drunks of ???CHOICE???
Won’t you do more Boozing & Doping? The State needs 3 Billion dollars & The Federal Government 20 Trillion dollars. They need STUPID ***ER people to borrow from.

Danny W. Shultz

FOR THE LOVE of !!! your drug!!! of ??? choice ???
What AGE do you **think** we should lower the Doping & Drinking AGE too? 18? or 16? or 13? When many kids START so the STATE can make more money without taxing you?

Danny W. Shultz

***LOOK*** how non*violent healthy harmless & innocent Dope & Alcohol is. Wouldn’t you like to be THE STATES lover of Dopes & Drunks This Valentines Day???

Danny W. Shultz

THE STATE Says JUST SAY NO your time is up.

Danny W. Shultz

THE STATE says JUST SAY YES to the love of Alcohol & Dope. **LOOK** how easy & convenient they want to make it for you.

Danny W. Shultz

I WILL FORGIVE you this time. But you could hurt a Bully Trolls or Vampire Fishs Feelings trying to convert him in a Dope & Drunk Behavioral NUTplace like that.

Danny W. Shultz wishing he could be reborn a 1970 Triumph TR6 Convertible *British*

DEAR: NUT Cracker
**I do believe** Being made of trillions of ATOMS I will be reborn, not as a Dope or Drunk but as a part of everything.
I would like to be part of a gold 1966 GTO convertible or 1970 TR6 convertible like I use to own. But as I wish to have my cremated remains deposited in the river the Superior S.A.D.D. & M.A.D.D. beings will make me a Troll under the Bridge or a fish, a rock, a tree along the shore or maybe a part you, her or him.

Danny W. Shultz Not a NUT.

DEAR Fuzzy*Wuzzy Troll under the bridge in the long red Tassle cap, white beard & fuzzy red suit!
What I would like for my 69th Birthday, 25 years of these ads, Christmas & the Whole New Year is Big Sloppy Razz*Berries for All Dopes & Drunks.

Sincerely, Danny W. Shultz, Razz*Berring the Alcohol & Dope in Them.

COMING Soon to a home, bar, & office near you. The Dopie & Drunken STENCHES Who steal Christmas,They are The Fun*ly & Love*ly challenged Peer*annoid Doper & Dope*ess*es Drunker & Drunk*ess*es at Christmas Parties.

Danny W. Shultz Boo*sss The Dope & Booze in you.

WHAT lousy beings we are when we have taught our young athletes Dope & Alcohol proves you are a Tough guy.

Danny W. Shultz is Boo*ing the STUPIDITY in YOU.