ALL of Those naturally occurring SNOW TOILET paper rolls are what the CUPID Valentine Fairy left for all of you CRAPPY dopes & drunks STINKING UP IT’S fields & woods. Some of you must be real crappy by the size of some of those snow toilet paper rolls.

Danny W. Shultz, Booing ALL STUNK***UP CRAPPY Dopes & Drunks everywhere.

In the nights of Crummy Dummy Drunkies Consumption of Alcohol may create the Ill*usion that you are tougher, handsomer & smarter than some really BIG guy named BUBBA!

Danny W. Shultz, Booing Wet & Gooie Dumb Crumb Drunks everywhere.

GAS PLANET warning!!
YOUR stinky dirty old drunken comet snow butt I SOS is approaching & will **EXplode** Polut*o*ing Thanksgiving Christmas & YOUR stinky dirty old drunken wet & gooie diapered Rear*End.

Danny W. Shultz Booing poluted stinky dirty old drunken wet & gooie Rear * Ends every * year.

ONCE Upon*A*Time There was a Urin*ooze*shun from The Planet Uranus who like drunks had a big old rotted ferminated GAS STINKER for a brain just waiting to explode!

Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing Wet & Gooie Rotted & ferminated Gas Stinkers for Brains everywhere.

The horseless drunken donk*eees, who ride through the night with their Butts in a basket. They kick their Butts that float into the air like the Great Pumpkin that delivers candy & presents to kiddies everywhere.
But the drunken butts explode into the stinky*est GAS FARTS ever that cause leaves to fall from the trees, grass to turn brown & little trick or treaters to pinch their noses shut. P*U*U*U*!

Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing Wet & Gooie exploding drunken Pumpkin Butts everywhere.

In the days of cro*mag*numbs consumption of ALCOHOL left. Crow*mag*numbs rolled over in the morning to see something really **SCARY** whose name and SPECIES you can’t recall!

Danny W. Shultz. Boo*ing drunken wet & gooie SPECIES everywhere

In the days of knee*under*thal man, consumption of ALCOHOL left knee*under*thals wondering what happened in their undies!

Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing drunken wet & gooie everywhere

Drinking Beer may leave you wondering what the HE?? happened in your pants!

Danny W. Shultz. Boooo*ing wet & Gooie happenings. ***In**your**pants***everywhere!

WE **can see** from TV talk shows, TV news, Radio, Newspapers & Booze Doctors you are very proud of Boozing & Drug Use!
WE can wish your kids & grandchildren a very Dopie & Boozie life.

Danny W. Shultz. Booing Proud. Gooie Dopers & Boozers lives everywhere.

HOW is your **Pride** doing now Gooie mouthed drunks & Dopie Highn*sses???

Danny W. Shultz Booing The Gooie Pride out of Dopie Highn*sses & drunks everywhere.