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WHO IS your favorite Dope or Booze PUSHER?
Your Politicians? The Athlete arrested for Boozing? The Movie Star arrested for Doping? The Music Stars arrested with Dope? The Judge, Doctor or Airline Pilot caught Drunk or Doped UP?
Your Mom or Dad arrested for Drunk Driving?

The S.A.D.D.ness & M.A.D.D.ness continues, Danny W. Shultz

YOU make every Sober person sick!!!

Danny W. Shultz

WHO WAS your first Dope or Booze PUSHER?
Mom or Dad Boozing or Doping? Brother or Sister using Drugs? Your Aunt, Uncle or Cousin giving you Beer? Your Niece, Nephew or Friend saying try this it is really Great?
More To Come!

Danny W. Shultz

WHO WAS your first Dope or Booze PUSHER?
TV & Radio Booze Commercial? Newspaper Booze Restaurant ADS? Magazine ADS for Beer, Wine or Whiskey? Booze & Dope Doctor or Researcher for Pot, Booze or Opioids?
More to Come !!!

Danny W. Schultz

DO YOU Sing The Song !!THE!!PUSHER !!MAN!! at Your Church?

Danny W. Shultz

!!SORRY!! The Dope & Booze ?PUSHERS? have won for now. You should still be able to keep your kids SOBER until 7 or 8 years old for now. After that we will just treat them AT Behavioral Health.

Danny W. Shultz

DEAR: Tweety finned Twit Bass
If you had a Sturgeon General who ?HAD any GUTS? he or she would do the same thing for Alcohol & Dope that was done for Smoking. In 60 years there would be a lot less Boozing & Doping instead of more!

Sincerely your Bully Troll Danny W. Shultz

WELL I didn’t vote for you or the crooked old GAL either But Booze News did say one thing sensible about you when she said you don’t drink Beer or anything else for that matter.

Danny W. Shultz

CHECK MY MATH Booze News? Taxing Dope at 25 million dollars a year or 250 million dollars over 10 years so you can get all excited over bigger numbers it will just take 120 years for the Dope lover in you to pay off the STATES 3 billion dollar DEBT!

Danny W. Shultz

NO KIDS money does not grow on trees. Today it grows on WEEDS, flowers, grain, fruit & vegetables. Anything that can be turned into Dope or Booze. Maybe you can get one of the 500,000 new JOBS growing legalized Dope that Booze News is so happy & excited about.

Danny W. Shultz Booing The LOVE affairs Booze News has with Dopes & Drunks