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BIG D! Duper Bad Man & his hoard of Drunken & Dopie Duper Poopers! can poop their way over tall buildings, slower than Decaying sub A*tomic particles, STUPIDER than a Rocky Mountain of Beer, Wine, Whiskey & Dope.
Yes, it’s the Big Pooper Dooper D!

Danny W. Shultz Booing Big Gooie Dopie & Drunken Pooper Doopers Everywhere & forever

DANNY W. Shultz Booing Dope & Drunk Die * Aaa Rheee * aaahd minds Forever!

P**P**S ers and a Die*Prrr Brained enuresis Happy Beddy Bye New Year Ho! Ho! Ho!

IT’s Never Over! ??until?? The S.A.D.D. little elf with the long red beard in the black & gold suit sings Tinkle Brains! Tinkle Brains! Tinkle ??all?? over the land.
And the S.A.D.D. little elf brings Dopes & Drunks ??All?? over the land. Stocking caps full of lumps of LARD & COAL & as he flies off into the night he shouts Ho! Ho! Ho! & a S.A.D.D. Tinkled Brained ??enuresis?? night.

Danny W. Shultz Booing Gooie Lumpee Tinkle Brained Dopes & Drunks Forever

FROM the Ghost Hole of Kittanning Hollow road crawled the boo*ing, goo*ing, wee*wee*ing & mess*ing Dope & Drunk cree*eeeps of The Kreeep*peees Pottie House!!!

Danny W. Shultz Haunting Dopes * Drunks & Their Crapp*eeed Pottie Houses everywhere

DANNY W. Shultz Boo*ing
Dope & Drunk
MESSES Forever!

??? Don’t CARE ??? That is why Dope & Drunk messes ARE!
Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing the Goo*eed The Wee*wee*eed The Mess*eed everywhere.

? Don’t THINK ? That is why Dope & Drunk messes ARE!

Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing Wet & Gooie messes everywhere.

DURING the Fishy*Fest Parade one Group went straight when they should have turned right. Two Crappie Drunks hollered you are goin the wrong way. You are afraid to come down here past us Drunks.
That is why your kids think it is ok to get Drunk or use Dope. Dopes & Drunks ??think?? their Dopie*ness or Drunk*n*mess is something to wanna be Proud of??? Sound Famil*y*iar???

Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing Wet & Gooie Famil*y*ill*iar Dopes & Drunks everywhere.

HGH just another drug

Sports Editor John Enrietto’s column “HGH use in prep athletes alarming” (July 27, page C1) asks, why do 11 percent of high school athletes use HGH?

He gave some answers, but as with other drugs — alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and others — there are thousands of excuses.

For myself as a kid, alcohol and tobacco use were to fit in and prove your manhood, to prove you were big, bad and brave enough to do it. Sound familiar? It is their way of being some kind of “peer-anoid” comic book super-stupor hero. We all have passed our stupidity on to them.

Dope, alcohol, tobacco, HGH and all others.

Danny W. Shultz
East Brady

PEOPLE say they like The Taste of Alcohol or Tobacco. Then why do they throw up the first time they get drunk and cough & gag the first time they smoked if they liked the taste? After years of addiction taste is just another stupid excuse.

Danny W. Shultz, Boo*ing Stupid Wet & Gooie excuses everywhere.