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AS Dinky & Stinky As Movies, TV, Rock & Roll, Athletes, & other Artists, Stars & Professional people make young people and teenagers think Dope or Booze adds to their creativeness they will be Dinky & Stinky everywhere forever.

Danny W. Shultz !!!Boooo!!!

AS Dinky & Stinky AS Dopes & Drunks are people will not cure Dopiness & Drunkiness as long as you make young people & teenagers think getting Drunk or High is funny & something to be proud of!

Danny W. Shultz Boo*sss Dinkiness & Stinkiness everywhere forever.

DEAR: Jolly old fat guy I would like to wish all Dopes & Drunks a lousy & miserable Christmas & New Year!

Danny W. Shultz Booing lousy & miserable Dopes & Drunks everywhere forever.

DANNY W. Shultz, Booing Dope & Drunk Messes Forever

CHOOSE to be Alcohol & Drug FREE! **ATTA Girls & Boys**

Danny W. Shultz

TOO BEE or not wanna Bee Alcohol & Drug FREE Boys & Girls.

Danny W. Shultz Booing Wanna Bee Dinky & Stinky Dope & Drunk A*nnoyds everywhere forever.

WHAT was the matter STUPID old mousie gray haired nose*eee crap in the off white colored car with the Big Dog in the back seat at the Chicora Mini*Mart Tuesday Oct. 20 at 6- oclock?
Wasnt the 2 -minutes I spent inside paying for gas enough time to find the 3 million dollars I keep under the front seat for emergencies? You didnt even find enough to slop your ugly face with one stinky Beer!

Danny W. Shultz & Booing Stinky Stupid Old*Beer*Crap everywhere forever.

TO: PITTY**FOOL Dinky Stinky hit & runners. I think I saw you leaving the doctors parking lot Wed. Sept. 16.
Would you like me to call your mommy so she can turn you in like she did your cousin 30 years ago? You owe the Insurance Company $478.82 for that mirror.

Danny W. Shultz. Pittying Drunken & Dopie FOOLS everywhere forever.

TO: ALL Cowardly mentally challenged Beer & Dope snot pickers in red cars with silver or gray Bottom trim.
Where were you Thursday, Aug. 13 around 3 o’clock between the church & ambulance company on Rte. 268? Keep Bragging! The Cops & Insurance company, lawyers would like to hear from hit & runners like you.

Danny W. Shultz Booing Dinky Stinky Beer & Dope Bragging snot picking hit & runners everywhere forever.

TO: Dinky, Stinky, middle finger nose picking Dopes & Drunks everywhere!
You shouldn’t mess with trucks larger thank your dinky piece of junks that your dope & booze stinkies U.P.!
This Dinky Itsy**Bitsy Razzzz*Berrry is for all of you.

Danny W. Shultz Booing All Bragging Dopie & Drunken Stinky Dinkies everywhere forever.