pe treatment medicine

YIII*ike*SSS Boooo*Whooo ???
Gov*RRR*mint Keeps unlocking closet Doors letting go UGG*L*EEE SSS! The Dopes, Drunks, Etc. LIII*RRS Who*ooo mangle, maim & destroy the harmless & innocent.

Danny W. Shultz, Boo*ing UGG*L*EE Dope, Drunk, ETC. LIII*ing Gov*RRR*mint everywhere.

NOW Playing in a home near you. “Dopes & Drunks” your childrens least wanted dial **S** for !!STUPID!!

Danny W. Shultz Booing All least wanted Politicians The Dopes & Drunks who are averywhere

TV Booze News & the Dopes & Drunks in The State Capital can Cheer the new Booze sales laws all they want. It isnt gonna make the more Boozing RIGHT!!!

Danny W. Shultz Booing MORE Boozing & Doping everywhere forever.

YOU read about it in newspapers & see it on TV news. It happens on college campuses just ask politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, or anyone who went to college about all the challenged things they and their friends did while drunk or high on drugs.
Now listen to their lies & excuses!!

Danny W. Shultz Booing challenged Dope & Drunk liar * liar p**nkard p** p** pants on fire forever

HOW do you know Beer, wine & whiskey doesnt taste like P** or Crap? if you were to taste P** or crap do you think you would throw-up? Then Beer, Wine & Whiskey must taste like P** & Crap!

Danny W. Shultz Boo*sss Beer, Wine, Whiskey, P** & Crap Tasters everywhere

YOU can say Beer, Wine & Whiskey tastes good & it doesnt make it so P**ukies.

Danny W Shultz Boo*sss All challenged SICK*O P**ukards forever.

DANNY W. Shultz BOO*SSS all STUPID LAZY Dope & Drunk Government!

THE State doesnt think WE have enough drunks. So for the convenience of more & more dopes & drunks they want to sell more & more dope, booze & gambling for the LAZY messes everywhere.

Danny W. Shultz Boo*sss LAZY STUPID Government everywhere forever.

IFFY The 1st Fishy S.A.D.D. & M.A.D.D. Old Lady is elected What is the 1st Fishy S.A.D.D & M.A.D.D. Old Iffy didnt inhale Man supposed to be or not to be?

Danny W. Shultz Booo*sss All 1st Stinky Beer, Wine, Whiskey or Drug Is*A*Bellies

DANNY W. Shultz Booo*sss ALL LOUSY stinky Beer, Wine Liquor & Dope loving POLITICIANS ALSO!!!