pe treatment medicine

TO: ALL Cowardly mentally challenged Beer & Dope snot pickers in red cars with silver or gray Bottom trim.
Where were you Thursday, Aug. 13 around 3 o’clock between the church & ambulance company on Rte. 268? Keep Bragging! The Cops & Insurance company, lawyers would like to hear from hit & runners like you.

Danny W. Shultz Booing Dinky Stinky Beer & Dope Bragging snot picking hit & runners everywhere forever.

TO: Dinky, Stinky, middle finger nose picking Dopes & Drunks everywhere!
You shouldn’t mess with trucks larger thank your dinky piece of junks that your dope & booze stinkies U.P.!
This Dinky Itsy**Bitsy Razzzz*Berrry is for all of you.

Danny W. Shultz Booing All Bragging Dopie & Drunken Stinky Dinkies everywhere forever.

Boys & Girls
have more fun without
Booze, Dope or
than all the
dopes & Drunks
in the world.

Danny W. Shults
Dopes & Drunks
everywhere forever

Up in the sky. It’s
Su*per*ior Girl!
She’s on the Ferris
Wheel, doesn’t use
Dopie Drugs,
doesn’t use Stupid
Alcohol or Smoke.
XP Sober

Danny W. Shultz
Booing in*fear*ior
Dopes & Drunks
everywhere forever

Battle *LAX* ative Bats & Batresses
Yes, it’t the
Big Gooie *G*
Doopie & Drunken
Wondered Y
Goo*eed & Poo*eed
Old Bats

Danny W. Shultz
Goopeed & Poo*P*eed
Dopie & Drunken

OLD Bats & Batresses continues
Wetter than a Quinzillian Octo*pees, Stinkier than a Quinzillian frozen Battle **LAX** ative Urin*O*shun BooooZER GAAA*SSS Planets!
to be continued

Danny W. Shultz Boo*ing Batty Old Dopie & Drunken GAAA*SSS BooZZEERS Everywhere Forever

OLD Bats & Batresses Continued.
They Mangle & Maim children playing while drunk or high driving down the road. They are Dopie & Drunken pooped & Wondered “Y” women YUCKIER than COW patties
to be continued…

Danny W. Shultz Booing Gooie Dopie & Drunken Old Bats Everhwhere Forever

!!LOOK!! It’s a mosquito. No! It’s a moth. No! It’s a Big G the drunken Old Bat Wonder Gooie Girl & her hoard of Dopie & Drunken Old Batresses driving down the road.
To be continued.

Danny W. Shultz Booing Dopie & Drunken Old Bats everywhere forever.

DIDN’T they tell you? I have Glaucoma on that eye.
Try showing me your nose picking fingers from the other direction next time. Better Yet!!! Give it to yourself.

Danny W. Shultz Booing Gooie Booger picking fingers everywhere forever.

BIG D! Duper Bad Man & his hoard of Drunken & Dopie Duper Poopers! can poop their way over tall buildings, slower than Decaying sub A*tomic particles, STUPIDER than a Rocky Mountain of Beer, Wine, Whiskey & Dope.
Yes, it’s the Big Pooper Dooper D!

Danny W. Shultz Booing Big Gooie Dopie & Drunken Pooper Doopers Everywhere & forever