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Drugs wrecked life

A letter to the editor bearing a brutal, non-Danny tale of drug abuse too raw to ignore. While Danny’s tone is generally teasing and light-hearted, this unlucky correspondent reminds us that the consequences of addiction are no joke.

Drugs wrecked life

I’m the man who was very much in love and a drug user. I had no control over my mind and soul on July 3. I hurt every time I look into a mirror or want to talk with my family. I have only seen my two boys once since July 3, and that really hurts.

Still, to this day, I love my wife and am very sorry about the shooting. If I could take back that day, I would. However, I have to live with it. When starting my day, I talk to God; I talk with Him all day and pray before I fall asleep.

I am so glad that I’m alive today, even though I live life with one eye and one ear, and my left part of my body works like that of a stroke victim. I may never get back full use of my body, but I have to live with it for the rest of my life.

I am reminded every day that I tried to kill myself, and know that the 9 mm. bullet is still in my head. That’s where drugs took me in life. Yes, it was a direct result of drugs. I have more than six months of sobriety, and I see much clearer for the first time in my life.

I have four beautiful kids, and I messed that up.

As I sit here in the Butler County Prison, I am dumbfounded to hear inmates say that they can’t wait to get out and party. My thought is that when someone really wants help, he can’t get it. Meanwhile, these men who really don’t want help get it.

I really do want help, and I will prove it when I get out. I’m not just saying that because I’m in jail; I want to prove it. I long to live a clean and sober life outside of prison.

My advice is to think before picking up a drink or drug — think about whether it’s really worth it.

I was a drug user for 31 years, and now, at 39 years of age, I’m scared to death of drugs and alcohol and what they might do to me next.

Frank Zurzolo
Butler County Prison

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