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Same DUI rule for police

This letter to the editor is certainly NOT from Danny, but it seemed germane; it also provoked Danny into a response.

Same DUI rule for police

This is a “mad as heck” letter in response to the letter of Aug. 25 by Traci Vetovich, coordinator of MADD of Butler/Lawrence County, and all interested MADD cronies.

I read Vetovich’s letter, which was headlined “Gift remembers victim,” and tossed it aside as being a bunch of self-serving rhetoric. It was the typical MADD pity party: Drinking and driving is a “senseless, horrific crime,” with the typical adjoining story, “I lost a friend and how sad. . . .”

Well, Vetovich should open her eyes and smell the hypocrisy!

I’ve had DUI trouble, and all I heard was, “Well, you should have thought of that before you drank and drove” or, my favorite, “Impairment starts with the first drink,” or, the most hypocritical, “It’s against the law.”

The worst thing is, I had to listen to this from everyone in the judicial system, including cops!

Well, that recently backfired. An undercover state cop, drunk at twice the legal limit, flying down Route 422 at more than 100 mph in a stateowned undercover car, lost control of his car and died.

The revolting part is, he was within his legal rights! It’s true; an undercover cop can drink and drive while on duty, legally.

If another cop would have stopped him that night, do you really think he would have been charged with DUI, even if he were twice the legal limit?

Cops break laws; cops just don’t tell on other cops.

I think Vetovich should re-read her letter, then call her local politicians and demand to know why this policy stands — as should all of us. No one should have to live under such a ridiculous set of double standards.

I mean, honestly, think about this:

A bricklayer, after a hard day’s work, wants to stop and rinse the dust out of his mouth. Well, here comes the law, spurred on by MADD, demanding his license and livelihood because he’s blowing a .09 blood-alcohol level.

Meanwhile, a state undercover cop is completely and legally immune to the same laws!

Talk about the old adage “do as I say, not as I do!”

Change is vital. After all, why should I obey laws when cops don’t?

Call and complain!

And, as far as MADD goes, who cares what that organization says; I certainly don’t. It is a pathetically impotent organization that loses popularity and funding daily.

I personally will not donate to any charity that gives to MADD and, believe me, I ask before I donate.

Perhaps a makeover is due.

MADD members whine while standing on their empty soapboxes about “17,000 alcohol-related deaths a year” while there are twice that many children being held in America as slaves.

Why don’t they convert to “Mothers Against Disappearing Delinquents?”

The medical profession “accidentally” kills around 98,000 people a year. MADD should dump its outdated, contradictory mission statement and form “Mothers Against Dangerous Doctors.”

MADD has probably hurt more lives than it has helped. MADD crushes the common man while kowtowing to politicians and law enforcement — and it isn’t right!

I suggest that people write to their governor and call their lawmakers. Let’s work on this “undercover cops can legally drink on duty” stuff first.

Then, let’s put MADD out of business by starving them financially.

James H. Matson

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