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**NON VIOLENT** Harmless & Innocent Dopes & Drunks cause more deaths in the U.S. more often than Alcoholics & Addicts whether they get High or Drunk weekly, monthly, Holidays or once a year simply because there are 250 million more of them.
Then we label them Addicts or Alcoholics to save our Dopedness & Drunkedness.

Danny W. Shultz

DEAR: NUT Cracker
**I do believe** Being made of trillions of ATOMS I will be reborn, not as a Dope or Drunk but as a part of everything.
I would like to be part of a gold 1966 GTO convertible or 1970 TR6 convertible like I use to own. But as I wish to have my cremated remains deposited in the river the Superior S.A.D.D. & M.A.D.D. beings will make me a Troll under the Bridge or a fish, a rock, a tree along the shore or maybe a part you, her or him.

Danny W. Shultz Not a NUT.

OH. Superior S.A.D.D. & M.A.D.D. Milky Way Galaxie Beings!
The last thing I would like to be Re*Born as is some kind of Dope or Booze.
Because who would want to be loved by a bunch of JERKS???

Danny W. Shultz Booies Yooie Gooies.

Look into this ad. Deeper! Deeper! You are getting tired. Sleep! Sleep!
You no longer want to drink beer, wine or whiskey. You no longer want to take illegal drugs.
From now on you will be sober + clean.
Now wake up after reading “You were a real pooper head.”

Danny W. Shultz dragon fish

DANNY W. SHULTZ The BUG Makes faces at drunk drivers, spits green slime on their windshields, & makes them mess their pants at sobriety check points.

Yes, it’s incredible BUG!!!

TRY surprising dad with drizzling potty dipped Bock cow patty kebabs tonight.
He will eat anything with alcohol in it. Marinate for one half to 24 hours.

Your recipe BUG Danny W. Shultz

ONCE upon a time there was an exiquous ignominious fruit sucker who liked to shoot little chump*agne arrows through the hearts of indecorous beer drinkers. But, indecorous beer drinkers have no hearts.

The existential BUG Danny W. Shultz

SHHH! Hey you! Yes you, itty*bitty micho*cepha* sleezing MIDDEN brain.
I am down here in your drink.
See those drunks at the other end of the bar. They all have xy*lot*o*mous alcohol kooties. You better roll up this newspaper & whack them.
Ringing in the New Year.

Danny W. Shultz The Bug