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Where the Bug is Danny W Shultz?

February 2012 has borne no classifieds, no letters to the editor.

Whatever’s keeping Danny out of print, it certainly isn’t want of material… I goggled in shock to see the Eagle run a staff editorial calling for the opening of a “craft brewery” in Butler’s business district (“Butler’s Main Street could get boost from craft beer start-up”, 1/9/2012). Surely, I thought then and think now, this sentiment is guaranteed to bring all kinds of Oooie Gooie Hell down on the editorial board’s heads. Compounding the provocation, their editorial even cited the North Country Brewpub a few miles up the road as a positive model for the downtown Butler version.

The long controversy over the opening of the North County Brewpub kept Danny in furious form through the second quarter of 2002… so what could account for his uncharacteristic silence in the face of such blatant booze advocacy from the newspaper itself?

Is Danny being editorially suppressed?

Is he unwell, or preoccupied? Is he too broke to buy ads?

On Feb 17th, the Eagle ran yet another “kill ’em all” editorial about the necessity of a North-Korea-style approach to drug users, and as before, the libertarian Dr. Adalja wrote in to pitch decriminalization… and still, not a peep from Mr. Shultz.

Something’s Vampire-Fishy.

Yours in Sobriety and Concern,

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